Mollenoyux Primed for PA Posse
Victorian front runner Darren Mollenoyux will this month make a return to America to take on the 410 Sprintcar competition in the hotbed state of Pennsylvania.
In what will be Mollenoyux’s third 410 Sprintcar racing trip to America, he will once again drive for his Australian car owners, Adrian and Kim Parr from Parr Motorsports.
“Compared to our past schedules with Darren (Mollenoyux), we will be doing things a little bit different and will be contesting the World of Outlaws events around Pennsylvania,” commented Adrian Parr.
“It’s a massive challenge taking on the Pennsylvania posse by itself, let alone with the added competition of when the World of Outlaws guys roll into town, but we know we’re going to be better for the whole experience.”
Mollenoyux and Parr plan to run close to a dozen 410 Sprintcar shows in Pennsylvania and Ohio states that includes the 27th annual Brad Doty Classic at Limaland Motorsports Park on July 15, the prestigious King’s Royal at Eldora Speedway (OH) on July 17 and 18, the annual Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup (World of Outlaws) at Lernerville Speedway (PA) on July 21, and the Summer Nationals (World of Outlaws) at Williamsgrove Speedway on July 24 and 25.
For Parr, this is going to be his fourth racing trip to America with his own team, the past two years with Mollenoyux and his first back in 2009 with another Victorian in Brett Milburn. As an importer of open wheel parts through Parr Motorsports, Parr is able to spend some time racing with Mollenoyux, prior to loading up a shipping container to bring the car that they are going to race over there along with an assortment of parts to sell through his business.
“We believe it’s beneficial for Darren (Mollenoyux) to be able to do some racing in America during the off season here in Australia,” said Adrian Parr.
“It keeps him sharp during the off season, we as a team learn so much, and the best part is that we are all able to hit the ground running when the season begins back here in October.”

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Having been a part of the Premier Speedway landscape for a number of seasons as the naming rights sponsors of the track championship, in conjunction with GF1 Chassis, Parr Motorsports have once again stepped up to the plate ahead of the 2014-15 season.

In seasons past Adrian and Kim Parr have provided the Sprintcar Track Champion with a magnificent GF1Chassis and Panel Kit. For the 2014-15 season that prize will now consist of a $10,000.00 voucher to Parr Motorsports for the lucky winner of the Premier Speedway Sprintcar Track Championship.

This prize will most definitely go a long way to reducing one teams inventory bill at the completion of the season!

The Premier Speedway Parr Motorsports Sprintcar Track Championship will kick off with the opening night of Sprintcar competition on Saturday November 29, 2014.

In a slight twist to previous years, the Championship will be fought out over 10 nights of competition including the two preliminary nights of the Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic.

The final night of competition will be on Sunday April 5, 2015 as part of night three of the Easter Sprintcar Trail as presented by GJ Gardner Homes.

Adrian Parr from Parr Motorsports was excited to once again be a part of the what is shaping up to be a great season of racing at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool this summer.

“Parr Motorsports is thrilled to be able to continue their association with Premier Speedway again supporting the Sprintcar Track Championship for this coming 2014-15 season”, Parr said.

“We have found that supporting the Sprintcar Track Championship over the past couple of years has certainly helped promote our name and associated Speedway brands, thus increasing sales”, he added.

“Premier Speedway has for a long time now been the standout track in Australia and it’s on and off track professionalism with the Club’s ongoing facility and track improvements. Parr Motorsports is again honored and excited to be in some way involved with this great venue”, Parr concluded.

Premier Speedway General Manager David Mills was also excited to be able to announce the increased Track Championship prize.

“To have Adrian and Kim back on board is great for us. To be able to offer a prize to the value of $10,000.00 to our Sprintcar Track Champion will hopefully create plenty of interest and really give the guys and girls who choose to come and race with us something to chase”, Mills said.

Molly Launches At The Masters - The Wrong Way!

A second trip across the South Australian border within a fortnight didn't go near as good as the first for Warrnambool driver Darren Mollenoyux, with a nasty flip in the first heat ending the chances of successive podium finishes.

Paired for time trials with good mate Luke Dillon, a favourable #2 pill draw on a track that was quickly drying out had the team quietly confident. However the chance for a good time went slightly begging with a lap only good enough to be twelfth whilst Dillon's time was unable to be bettered leaving him atop the thirty two strong car field.

Darren and the team made a few changes to the car for the first of two heats where he was set to begin from position seven. At the start, Molly got a good run slipping up the inside of three competitors as they headed down the back straight for the first time before the yellow lights flashed on and a complete restart called. Second time around those gaps weren't there leaving the #77 trailing at the back of the pack. After chasing Taylor Milling for a few laps, an opportunity arose to try and get a run around the outside of turns one two but that's where it all went pear shaped. Contact with the right rear tyre of Milling created the perfect launching pad to send the GF1 chassis skyward into a number of gyrations before coming to rest upside down against the outside fence in turn two.

With Darren out and ok and with the car back in the pits, Damien, Simon and Graham set to work. The usual components were needed - both wings, Jacobs ladder, shocks, front end etc but it was the odd components like a steering box mount, headers and snapped shocker studs that took longer than hoped.

"We broke things that I have never seen or heard break before" expressed Darren as they missed the call for the second heat "and things like the steering box mount, the way it twisted up was crazy."

Points from time trials still allowed a position nine start in the B main where they would take six transferee's to the back of the all important, $10,000 to win A main.

After 15 non stop laps with a still battered and bruised car, Molly made a gallant effort but fell one spot short, crossing the line in seventh.

"It was a bit of a bummer after our run at Murray Bridge the other week to back it up with this" stated Darren on the way home the following day. "It has highlighted some things we need to work on and we will get that sorted and have it tuned up for Avalon this week."

Parr Motorsports would like to thank their valuable partners:
Warrnambool Crane Hire
Winters Performance
GF1 Chassis
Ti22 Performance
Swift Industries
MBO Financial Group
Truline Machinery
Wings Unlimited

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"Missed It By That Much!" - Parr Motorsports Podiums On Opening Night

Darren Mollenouyx and the rest of the Parr Motorsports team opened their 2014/15 season with a trip to Riverview Speedway, Murray Bridge for the 7th running of the Bill Wigzell Battle of the Bridge.

On a very warm spring afternoon, the team unloaded the same GF1 chassis utilised during their recent American tour that was now sporting a fresh new black paint scheme and prepared it for action.

Track management moved engine starts and hot laps to midway through the race program, trying to help save the surface from the heat of the day. This left teams plenty of time to pace the pit area, with the majority anxious to blow out the cobwebs for the first time. 

Molly was able to get straight back into it from where he left off at Williams Grove USA in early July and was able to get a good feel of the car early in his hot lap session before a power steering leak cut it a lap or two short.

Having made the necessary minor repairs, Darren started heat one from position seven, got a good start and emerged on the back straight running in fourth, only for the yellows to come on for a competitor that had spun. The second start wasn't as kind and the cars spread out, leaving him to settle into a rhythm in the same position he started. After being able to pass one car and with the DNF of another competitor late in the race, the 77v was able to cross the finish line in fifth.

The crew set to work and made a few changes ready for the second heat where it was ones mans bad luck was good luck for another. Chad Ely was unable make the call elevating the GF1 backed car to pole position. Leading from the start and enduring a couple of single file restarts that bunched up the field, Molly still managed to get the win by a few car lengths over Glen Sutherland and good mate Luke Dillon with the team hoping it was enough to not only lock into the feature but hopefully sneak into the dash.

A dash berth was earnt, although time restraints curtailed any chance of it being run. Damo, Sopa and Graham readied the car for the 30 lap A-Main where Darren was to start from position four. Lining up behind locals Stephen Caruso, Dylan Jenkins and Jamie Cobby, Molly got a blinder of a start to whistle around the outside and into the lead down the back straight for the first time. Much like the second heat race, many caution and red flag periods depleted the field and bunched the remainder up for the restarts. 

Ryan Jones and Dylan Jenkins were able to get close a few times, showing their nose at the exit of turn two at one stage mid race, however Molly was able to regain a few car length advantage at each resumption.

A red light stoppage with 11 laps to go bunched the field up for what was to be the last time in the race. Again, a few car length advantage was gained as the lights went green and the bulk of the drivers moved down to the middle of the track where it had started to take rubber. With 4 laps to go, the lead over Jenkins had extended to about 10 car lengths but that's when the boy from Bordertown hit the switch and reeled in a tyre conserving Mollenouyx, wheeling to the outside in turn four coming around to complete lap 28 of 30. Both the drivers raced hard into turns one two and down the back straight into three where Jenkins fully completed the pass and led the Victorian past the white flag. 

Darren was unable to do anything on the last lap and followed Jenkins across the line with Caruso holding on for third.

Molly remained upbeat after the finish stating "Second was a good way to kick off the season although it is a little dissapoiting having led 28 of 30 laps like I did. I moved down to block the bottom and eased up a little to look after the viabrating right rear tyre, not thinking someone was going to blow past on the top like he did. It is a credit to Dylan though, it was a good move.

The team have this weekend off and are contemplating a trip to Speedway City in Adelaide Saturday week for the running of the Sprintcar Masters on Nov 1st.


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